The diggr platform mapping provides a mapping, reference and grouping for platform strings of various video game databases. It is meant to ease mapping and matching of releases, local releases or games in general which are to be found in these databases.

This is meant as a first step towards unification of platform identification.

The list is not exhaustive.

Everything is provided as is and comes without any warranty.


The data can be accessed in two forms: Either by cloning this repository and using the provided platform mapping files. Or by using the github pages, which are served from the dist subdirectory as a static REST API.https://diggr.github.io/platform_mapping

Using the static REST API version is preferable, as it always serves to up-to-date version, while using a cloned git repository can result in usage of an out-of-date version, e.g. if you forget to pull the latest updates before using it.


The vocabulary of platform names from each source were retrieved at different time. Last Updates:

In some data sources there are platform groups (like "Game Archives") which includes individual platforms. A mapping is located at platform_groups.tsv in the tabular_data folder.

The file diggr_vocab.tsv contains the whole standarized vocabulary we used for internal mappings. It also contains links to the GAMECIP Platform Vocabulary and to Wikidata.


JSON-exports contain information about the author, license and copyright information, a version and a date element.


The version number describes the general structure of the JSON-export. Major changes to the overall structure of the file result in a increase of the minor or major version number. Please refer to CHANGELOG to learn more about the changes, which were made. If you use the data in your application an fetch updates from this repository on a regular basis, please check for changes in the version number.


The date section in the JSON-exports indicates the time the data was exported. Updates to the data result in new date.


Feel free to inform us about mistakes or ideas to provide better access to those mappings: team@diggr.link


  • Software: GPLv3
  • Data: Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal


2018, Universitätsbibliothek Leipzig




Funded By

diggr is funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.


diggr is funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.